Inspiring others to explore their Pursuit of Happiness through self-discovery and growth.


About Our Journey

Our story starts not much different from others. Two young professionals doing their best to find success in the world of “adulting”. For us, our lives began to feel much like a revolving door. A never-ending cycle of balancing time and energy among work, friends, and a healthy lifestyle. A cycle, which by most standards, appeared to show progression; however, we continued to be lacking true fulfillment.


By embracing a tiny lifestyle, we were able to break from the chains of modern society by diminishing our expenses and subsequently reducing our debt ; All while creating a home in which we can experience all the beauty the world has to offer.


We aspire to create a lifestyle which we can live at our own pace. A life where we can truly embrace every precious moment we’re bless with. A life full of challenges, growth, and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose.


We share our journey in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their own unique path of personal fulfillment ; Or what we simply refer to as, the Pursuit of Happiness.


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